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Help Your Child Make Safer & Smarter Choices


Award-Winning DVD for Parents

mike_smiling_mediaSince every child is different, you need a resource full of strategies that can be adapted to your specific family.

Strengthen your ability to help your son or daughter today by clicking here. You will discover a DVD full of realistic strategies for helping you talk with your child, especially for inspiring your child to make safer choices.

Parents Often Say

My Son is Respectful.
My Daughter is Smart Enough to Know Better.

Have you heard parents make these statements? Do you think the statements are True or False? While you may already know the Answer, the "WHY" is the part every parent needs to remember.

Click Here to Discover
the Importance of this Discussion.

Talking to your child about Seth McFarlane at the Oscars

Imagine being a parent and watching your child be referred to as a sexual object in front of one billion people. How would you feel? What would you want to do? As a parent of 4 teenagers, I feel for

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