Show Your Partner You Respect Him/Her By ASKING FIRST

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    "Show your partner you respect him/her by asking first and honoring the answer."     HOW TO SHARE THE IMAGE: Right click on the image and click on “Save As” or “Save Image” and then upload the image to your social media channels. … (Continue Reading)

Reality Check Episode 144 - Michael Domitrz - Consent


Michael Domitrz (@datesafeproject on Twitter) returns to discuss consent with host Craig Price. With all the news about sexual assault and consent laws in the media, Craig reaches out to  past guest Michael Domitrz to hash it out. Michael explains the importance of consent, open discussions with your partner (or potential partner) and why we need to focus not on how to avoid assault but on how to be a good human being. Meanwhile  Craig laments … (Continue Reading)



Are you considering attending the November 13th & 14th LIVE 2-Day Training to become a certified licensed presenter of the "Can I Kiss You?" program to middle school and high school students?  We are taking applications for ONE FULL SCHOLARSHIP and Five $200 SCHOLARSHIPS. APPLY TODAY for Your Opportunity to Receive the one FULL SCHOLARSHIP (registration, airfare, and hotel) or to win one of FIVE $200 Scholarships (50% OFF Registration) by … (Continue Reading)

Body Language is Unreliable

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  "Body language is unreliable, the only way to know for sure is to ASK."     HOW TO SHARE THE IMAGE: Right click on the image and click on “Save As” or “Save Image” and then upload the image to your social media channels. … (Continue Reading)

Licensees Share Impact of 2-Day Training


As we are preparing for the upcoming 2-Day Live Training on November 13th and 14th to license individuals to be able to present the “Can I Kiss You?” program to 6th through 12th grade students, we surveyed the attendees from the past 2-Day trainings. You'll notice the participants come from all over the country. Here are just a few of their comments: “A principal at a school I had difficulty reaching commented after the presentation ‘You … (Continue Reading)

Lowering Sexual Assault on College Campuses and in the Military Starts in Elementary School


As Originally Published on  As the brother of a sexual assault survivor, seeing the mainstream media, the federal government, and the public at large begin to engage in a conversation on sexual assault and rape is encouraging. Everyday we see new ideas and proposed guidelines aimed at preventing this horrible crime. Our society finally appears willing to confront this issue beyond saying "No Means No" and "Don't Rape." But … (Continue Reading)

The ONLY Way to Know For Sure What Your Partner Wants is to Ask

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    "Regardless of what dating books teach, the only way to know for sure what your partner wants is to ASK"   HOW TO SHARE THE IMAGE: Right click on the image and click on “Save As” or “Save Image” and then upload the image to your social media channels. … (Continue Reading)

Choosing to Stand Up by Courtney Kolb

Courtney Kolb

*All names have been changed to protect individuals* It was 2:50pm when I met Jenny and the school day was almost done. She stood before me looking timid and scared but purposeful at the same time. I had just presented to middle school students on sexual assault, consent, and standing up for the people around us. I had spoken about change and about how we can no longer allow evil to continue, that it was time to make a difference. I found a … (Continue Reading)

Affirmative Consent Should be the NORM (California Debate)


Watch our Founder, Mike Domitrz, explain why Affirmative Consent on college and university campuses should be the NORM (to learn more about this proposed legislation being debated in California, click here). If our country is serious about reducing sexual assault, then teaching consent to AFFIRM your partner wants the sexual activity is the most common sense approach to insuring both partners want to engage in the sexual activity. Watch the video … (Continue Reading)

Guidance for Parents with Students Going to College


Last Wednesday morning, WTMJ 4 (NBC) here in Milwaukee, had our Founder, Mike Domitrz, on The Morning Blend with hosts Molly and Tiffany to help parents of both sons and daughters with their students going off to college. Topics included discussing sex, intimacy, dating, and safety. Watch the full episode to learn common mistakes Moms and Dads make and how to avoid them: What are additional common mistakes you think parents make? Please … (Continue Reading)

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