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Safe Dating Tips for Your Children

The Morning Blend

Last Monday morning WTMJ 4 (NBC) here in Milwaukee had our Founder, Mike Domitrz, on The Morning Blend to discuss how to help your child "date safely."  Watch the full episode to learn how to talk to your children about dating and how to keep them safe.   … (Continue Reading)

The Impact of Eliminating Gender Roles


“What do you want – all gender roles to be eliminated?” asked a person who identified as a middle-age, heterosexual male attending one of my programs addressing the transformation of our culture to one based on respect and consent. What if gender roles were eliminated? What would society look like? What would relationships look like? In a Relationship Sexual intimacy would be free to be whatever the two of you mutually agree to experience … (Continue Reading)

Do YOU Ask?

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Should I kiss him? Is it the right time to hold her hand? Does he want me to put my hand there? Does she think tonight is the night? Many people have wondered these very questions when alone with someone in an intimate moment. There can be so much uncertainty. Unfortunately, the traditional approach of “going for it” in moments of sexual intimacy leads to more confusion and incidents of unwanted sexual activity. “Going for it” fails to take … (Continue Reading)

John Oliver’s Discussion of Sex Education and Where We Go From Here


Recently, comedian John Oliver discussed Sexual Education in America on HBO's Last Week Tonight (watch video segment here). His take on sexual education (or lack thereof) in America showcased some of the wide gaps in what we teach our children about sex and relationships. While not everyone will be a fan of the way he presents the information, John Oliver brings forth a poignant conversation we need to be having -- both as parents and as … (Continue Reading)

You Can Make A Difference In Your Community!

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Would you like to make an even bigger impact in your community? Would you like to help end sexual assault by teaching teens about consent, respect and bystander intervention? If you answered, “YES!”, then our K-12 Certification is the program for you ( Our K-12 Certification is an AMAZING program that helps bring The DATE SAFE Project’s “Can I Kiss You” program to your local middle schools and high … (Continue Reading)

RESPECT is an Ongoing Education


When was the last time you saw someone display disrespect toward a partner? Was it by a family member, friend, on TV, or maybe in a film? Respect is vital to a healthy relationship, yet sometimes people don’t realize when they are failing to give their partners respect. How many times have we heard people jokingly or sarcastically make comments such as, “oh, my husband is just a dumb guy” or “my wife is only out for my money”? From audiences, … (Continue Reading)

The World is Taking a Stand


Often in the news, we hear about all the negative things that are going on. When discussing a topic like sexual assault, you can't help but come across a lot of very bad stories about some really horrible crimes. That is why I would like to focus on some positive things that are happening around the world to show you that while sexual assault is still happening, people are making strides against it.   This first story comes out of India. … (Continue Reading)

Preparing Your Teen for Summer Romance


Exams are finished, report cards are in and the last bell has rung. Your teen is done with school until the Fall. As a parent, you may have talked to your teen about getting a summer job, taking some additional classes, playing sports, practicing an instrument, going to a camp, or volunteering, but have you spoken with your child about summer romance? Talking to your teen about romance is important, and yet something we are sometimes reluctant … (Continue Reading)

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