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What it takes to have a Mutually Amazing Relationship

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In the movies and on TV, relationships happen very easily and quickly. Tension builds as the program progresses. Characters show obvious signs of liking each other. Usually, the tensions build to such an extreme that in one dramatic moment (usually when the couple is segregated from the rest of the group by a dramatic plot device) they can’t take it anymore, stare into each other’s eyes and kiss passionately. They don’t talk, they don’t even … (Continue Reading)

Are Mutually Amazing Relationships Possible in the Age of Technology?

couple absorbed by their mobile devices, ignoring each other while having breakfast together in home kitchen

We live in an era when you have many different ways to communicate via technology. You can text, email, send a snapchat, record a vine… The alternatives to having face-to-face conversations seem to grow the week. People will frequently say, “I rarely answer my phone. Text me.” or “Don’t bother calling. Instead send me an email.” As we rely on technology more and more to communicate, we want to be careful that we are not harming our ability to … (Continue Reading)

A Resolution for 2016

2016 Blog

A new year is often seen as a new beginning; a time to leave the past behind and charge head first into the future. Many people make resolutions to lose weight, go to the gym, or give something up for the New Year. Bettering oneself is always a great idea. What about taking a look at our relationships and sexual communication? A GREAT resolution would be to focus on respect and consent in relationships. Consent and respect are important parts … (Continue Reading)

STOP Focusing on Telling Women How to Be Safe

Not Teach

For years, society has been teaching women how to be safe. Women have been taught they need to dress appropriately and not to be a tease. Women have been taught to never walk home alone at night, to always look over their shoulders, and to never answer the door if they don’t know who it is. We teach women to constantly be in fear for their safety. Most men do not have these lessons continually repeated to them as they grow up. Women do. We … (Continue Reading)

Removing Sexist Gender Teachings


How many of you have heard these statements before? -“When it comes to sex, men can’t control themselves.” -“Look at how she dressed. What did she think would happen?” Beliefs like the ones above can often become an excuse for cultures to carry on a way of thinking and acting that is disrespectful, degrading, and very harmful – in addition to be heteronormative and victim-blaming. Where are these beliefs learned? The basis of these … (Continue Reading)

How to Talk to Your Partner


Great news! You just found out the person you like – likes you. Woo Hoo! Soon after, you become “official” and while reaching that level is different for each couple, it usually goes one of three ways. One of you slips up and accidentally uses the word “boyfriend”, “girlfriend”, “partner”, or other. You talk it over and you both feel this designation is appropriate and what you want. People ask you to define what your relationship is. You … (Continue Reading)

Why Is Consent So Confusing to Some?


If you have been listening to the media or been on FaceBook, you might have seen the video “Consent: It’s As Simple As Tea” or, the “1 in 5” video where sexual assault is symbolized as a bear. While these videos can be a good starting point to conversation, they can also be a bit confusing as to what consent actually is. So, why are some people still so confused about consent? The confusion comes from many years of different definitions, … (Continue Reading)

Your Sexual Relationship Rights


Do you know your Sexual Relationship Rights? Many of us will be in a sexual relationship at some point in our lives. We are taught what not to do in a relationship; don’t be selfish, don’t force your partner to do something they don’t want to do, and don’t abuse your partner in any way. These are universal rules and most people follow these rules. When is the last time you were taught about YOUR sexual rights in a relationship? Unfortunately, … (Continue Reading)

“The Look”


Dating can be a very anxious experience. We have found a person we are interested in, we have gotten up the courage to express our interest and now we are exploring the relationship by getting to know each other. So many thoughts are going through our heads while on a date. “How do I look?” “Am I eating too loud?” “Did I really just bring up something embarrassing from high school?” There are so many uncertainties about dating, but … (Continue Reading)

Preparing Your Teen for Romance

Help-3D 2

A few months ago, we posted this blog under "preparing your teen for SUMMER romance." However, romance can happen at any point in the year for your teen. That is why we thought it would be fitting to publish this post again so you can have helpful hints and tips right at your fingertips. Exams are finished, report cards are in and the last bell has rung. Your teen is done with school until the Fall. As a parent, you may have talked to your … (Continue Reading)

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