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The World is Taking a Stand


Often in the news, we hear about all the negative things that are going on. When discussing a topic like sexual assault, you can't help but come across a lot of very bad stories about some really horrible crimes. That is why I would like to focus on some positive things that are happening around the world to show you that while sexual assault is still happening, people are making strides against it.   This first story comes out of India. … (Continue Reading)

Preparing Your Teen for Summer Romance


Exams are finished, report cards are in and the last bell has rung. Your teen is done with school until the Fall. As a parent, you may have talked to your teen about getting a summer job, taking some additional classes, playing sports, practicing an instrument, going to a camp, or volunteering, but have you spoken with your child about summer romance? Talking to your teen about romance is important, and yet something we are sometimes reluctant … (Continue Reading)

SHARP is Making a Difference!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.37.53 PM

Here is an AWESOME article written about the GREAT work that SHARP has been doing to work with the military on preventing sexual assault! Recently, I conducted two trainings at Fort Meade - a "Can I Kiss You?" Training and a "The MISSION is Transformation" Training. Afterward, Tina Miles of the 780th MI Brigade wrote this AMAZING article about our work with the military and specifically these 2 training sessions.  CLICK HERE to read Tina's … (Continue Reading)

Transformation is Possible and Happening!!

"Can I Kiss You" training during an All Hands session.

These past two weeks have been filled with traveling throughout Europe to conduct trainings for the US Navy from May 5th - 15th and then wrapping up speaking to a DoD School at Ansbach Army Post on Monday, May 18th. The first 2 weeks I was part of a dynamic team representing Atlantic Fleet Forces with the US Navy. The team typically presents 2 days of training at each location for Front Line Supervisors, Senior Leadership, Program Managers, … (Continue Reading)

Your Success!

30DaysOFConsent Tip Thanks

  YOU did it! #30DaysOfConsent was an enormous success, and it couldn’t have been possible without your help and support. Working together, many of you helped all of us raise awareness of the importance of consent and respect for Sexual Assault Awareness month! THANK YOU for all your hard work sharing and spreading the word about #30DaysOfConsent, including the importance of consent and respect in this movement! We have seen some … (Continue Reading)

Reaction to “Can I Kiss You?” Training at NAS Pensacola

Pensacola Newspaper

The Pensacola News Journal’s Marketta Davis sat in on Thursday’s training session at NAS Pensacola, and documented the reaction on the base to the training sessions.  Love the reaction of the audience to our training sessions! You can read the full article here. … (Continue Reading)

Intimacy and Your Rights

30DaysOFConsent Tip 8

During the #30DaysOfConsent campaign, we will be posting a daily tip. #30DaysOfConsent is a campaign that aims to prevent sexual assault by teaching consent and respect, help create a safe environment for survivors to come forward and help those who may need to protect someone who is in danger. Please check out our blog for more details on the #30DaysOfConsent campaign! Do you ask your partner for intimacy? How can you be sure you and your … (Continue Reading)

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