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Mother of Teen Survivor on Dr. Laura Berman

Dr. Laura Berman had Mike Domitrz as her guest.

Dr. Laura Berman had Mike Domitrz as her guest.

This past Tuesday when Dr. Laura Berman from the Oprah Radio Network (OWN) had me on as her guest expert, the mother of a teenage survivor of sexual assault called into the show. The sexual assault occurred 2 years ago and now the daughter is a teenager.  The Mom was asking how to help her daughter set appropriate boundaries as she approaches dating. The lessons shared on the show are true for all teenagers.

You will hear strategies you will not typically hear anywhere else.

Click here to watch and listen to the clip from the show at Then, be sure to come back here and LEAVE A COMMENT below.


Its Time to Ask First (starting now in April)

April is Sexual Assault Activism Month across the country.  As we promised yesterday, each day we are posting a special message, photo, and/or video in honor of all survivors.  The theme this year is “Its Time” and so we share with you IT’S TIME TO ASK FIRST. Enjoy the music video below.   Remember to leave your comments in the SPEAK YOUR MIND section below.


Honoring Sexual Assault Activism Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness ACTIVISM Month. Do something unique each day to honor survivors and/or to create positive influence toward reducing sexual assault.  Starting today, we promise to post one unique image, video, and/or other outlet to promote April as Sexual Assault Activism Month.

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Cleveland High school students talk consent & dating

A big THANKS goes out to ALL the students yesterday in Cleveland high schools who made Valentine’s Day special for all the right reasons (respect and caring for all people).

Watch the video below and LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK in the Comments Section!!

P.S.  Remember to LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK in the Comments Section!!

Use the News EVERY DAY from Dear Abby to Nancy Grace!

Often educators, parents and activists share with me that one of their daily struggles is finding a way to connect with teenagers and others not involved in this work, especially with the important issues of consent, bystander intervention, sexual assault, and support survivors.  Learn a simple technique in this episode of DSP TV. You might be surprised what you find on “Nancy Grace” and/or “Dear Abby.”

REMEMBER to share your thoughts and comments below!

REMEMBER to share your thoughts and comments below!

MTV “Skins” Show Controversy on DSP TV

The controversy surrounding the show “Skins” on MTV is being discussed on TV, blogs, and in print around the country. Parents and parenting organizations are protesting and boycotting due to teenagers being portrayed engaging in sexual activity and using illegal drugs.  One major advertiser has already pulled Ads from being aired during the show.  In this episode of DSP TV, we discuss a component of the show most are not talking about. After watching the video below, SHARE your thoughts in the COMMENTS section.

Remember to share your feedback in the COMMENTS section below.  I will personally respond to each person’s reaction.

The King’s Speech – See It!

When it comes to The King’s Speech, we provide a fun challenge for you in this episode of DSP TV:

Chicago Area Students Speak OUT against Ranking System

In today’s episode of DSP TV, discover a strong examples of students INTERVENING while the media and news outlets focus on the disturbing side of the case involving Oak Park – River Forest High School in the Chicago area.

After watching this episode of DSP TV, leave a comment below. I will personally respond to each comment.

Remember to leave a comment below. I will personally respond to each comment.

Perrish Cox sexual assault case and how the NFL reacts

Have you heard about the recent Perrish Cox sexual assault case?  He is an NFL player with the Denver Broncos who has been CHARGED with felony sexual assault.  The criminal report occurred on October 28th and charges were recently brought forward against him.

The NFL’s reaction and/or the Denver Bronco’s reaction?  Watch the video below and then SHARE your comments.  I look forward to personally responding to each person’s thoughts!

Remember to leave your thoughts in our Comments section where I will respond to each comment!

All Guys are Jerks and Women are Trouble

How often have you heard a teenager, student, and/or parents make statements such as, “All guys are jerks” and/or “All girls are trouble“? Often people use derogatory generalizations to scare younger individuals from dating and/or to help a friend “feel better” after being unhappy in a relationship. Watch this episode of DSP TV to see if such statements are helpful.

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