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CHANGING THE NORM for your students

Click the PLAY button on the video to your left and watch over 600 students experiencing the "Can I Kiss You?" program at 8 in morning (when many students are still not awake).

You will notice Mike Domitrz has the students engaged, thinking and having fun discovering realistic tools and skills for making better decisions toward respect, consent, healthy relationships, intimacy, intervening to help friends, and supporting survivors.

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IMAGINE your students . . .
  • Being More Age Appropriate Toward Intimacy & Sexual Decisions.
  • Having Healthier Relationships.
  • Asking First for Consent (a kiss 1st).
  • Making Smarter Choices with Partners.
  • Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault.
  • Intervening when Danger is Present at Parties and Group Settings with Alcohol.
Your community has the opportunity to achieve all 6 of the results listed above! Click here to find out HOW and to learn more about a unique program.

Getting MORE

DOWNLOAD this in-depth informational magazine which will provide you with great access to all the details you will want on the "Can I Kiss You?" program along with insightful and helpful articles. By clicking here, the "pdf" file will open in a new internet window. Then, save the file to your computer. Its Yours Instantly!


Read what everyone is saying about bringing the "Can I Kiss You?" program to their schools:

"His command of the subject matter and his ability to relate to the students was superb." Christine Gleason, Fabens H.S. (TX)

Find reactions, letters, and evaluations from students, educators and survivors throughout the country here.


Making your job easier is one of our primary goals here at The Date Safe Project. Below are links to more helpful pages and resources:

  • 1. Meet Mike Domitrz
  • 2. Details on the Program
  • 3. Special Workshops
  • 4. Event Forms
  • 5. Curriculum
  • 6. Find a Date (Schedule)
  • Call Toll-Free: 800-329-9390 TODAY

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