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Dakota Fanning Advertisement for Marc Jacobs

Seventeen year old Dakota Fanning was featured in an advertisement for Marc Jacob’s “Oh, Lola!” perfume. The perfume bottle in the Ad has a huge rose flower blossoming out of the bottle. The perfume bottle is placed between Dakota’s legs as she is wearing a thigh length dress. The image of the Ad is not being posted here because of the potential offensive nature of the Ad. If you want to judge for yourself, the link is provided here.

The Ad has been deemed inappropriate by the watchdog authority in Britain and thus has been pulled. Do you still protest Marc Jacob’s – the company? The company was going to run the Ad in magazines. Please share your thoughts and reactions in the COMMENTS section below.


  • Meagan

    It really is disturbing how much Dakota Fanning wants to grow up. If anyone remembers the dive of a movie ‘Runaway’ with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, then you know that Dakota was all about being sexy and sexual in that film. There was the binge of drugs (also in film, I don’t know about real life…I certainly hope she is okay) and the spiral of Joan Jett’s and Cheri Currie’s lives, it wasn’t the Fanning we are used to. I understand she wants to appear more as adult, but the choices she is making towards that goal are akin to Britney Spears. I hope she becomes more aware about what she is producing in the media and how she appears to girls that looked up to her.

    • Colin

      Thanks, Meagan. I was wondering about her motivation. Obviously i assume she’s highly intelligent and there was a reason she decided to pose for the inappropriate ad campaign. Since I can’t read her mind (nor find an interview with her about this decision) I can only speculate that whatever reasoning is involved cannot rationally compete with the countervailing opinion that it’s a really bad influence on young women with the “hurry up” message. It just sends a message that reads, “This child prodigy actress is being taken advantage of marketing gurus spouting a ”it’s good to be a daring rebellious teenager’ line with an emphasis on the ‘daring’ that’s probably used by playboy talent scouts the world over.”

      It’s even more in bad taste released so soon after the PennState scandal taking a riotous turn of events, literally.

      And if you google for Marc Jacobs you’ll not be amused by the suddenly ‘philanthropic’ and ‘liberal’ grandstanding their CEO is putting on for PR reasons earlier this week. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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