Downloads for LIVE “Can I Kiss You?” Show

On this page, you will find all the media and scripts needed for the LIVE event
- including PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS to run on your TVs and in Media.

Downloads on this page include:

1) Video for Pre-Show Entertainment (as people are entering the event).

2) Options for the Introducitons and Out-Tro.

3) Two PROMO videos for advertising the event.


Download Video of the PRE-SHOW Entertainment for Attendees for the "Can I Kiss You?" Presentation.

This fun Pre-Show Trivia Slideshow engages the audience and gets them ready for the main presentation (including giving them ways to interact during the "Can I Kiss You?" Show and the chance to win an iPad). The video has a fun "Kiss" theme throughout.

To watch the video, click the PLAY button below. To download the file and save it to your computer (to use at the event), Click on the "Download" link right below and save the file. Many students and AV People will be very comfortable downloading this file for you and putting it on a flash drive, iTouch, phone, or other device - to enable you to give it to the appropriate AV people at the event.


Download SCRIPT for LIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS (Read the Introductions and Out-Tro at the program).

Here is the most updated version of the Introductions and the Out-Tro. The wording is constantly being improved to create the most impact for raising funds for your local crisis center. Click on the following link.


Download VIDEO PROMO for "Can I Kiss You?" Presentation.

Heavily promoting a program makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE on the success of an event.  Here at The Dafe Safe Project, we give you actual PROMO VIDEOs to run on campus.

Option #1: This promo leaves space on the bottom of the video for media professionals to add the DATE, TIME, and LOCATION to the bottom of the video. REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW THE VIDEO to download the full size file.

Option #2: This video is completely done in production. REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THE DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW THE VIDEO to download the full size file.

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