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Books, Audiobooks & DVDs

“HELP! My Teen Is Dating” Family DVD & Book Set 

DVD Book Set image

Price is 50% OFF = $24.97 (normally $49.97)….

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Parents, educators, and professionals are praising this award-winning 85 minute DVD and 2 book set for being fun, engaging, thought-provoking, and packed full of ideas you will implement immediately with the teens and tweens in your life. Have fun discovering flexible approaches and skills for helping teens.

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Quantity Discounts Available on the Following Books: May I Kiss You? and Voices of Courage

May I Kiss You?

A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault Awareness.

Paperback = $15 (25% off retail 19.97)  View Details

E-Book (pdf) = $9.97  

Get powerful strategies for real-life scenarios and interactive exercises for revolutionizing each person’s approach to dating & building respect – all while heightening awareness of sexual assault. Plus, discover skills you’ll want to try immediately! Learn More.

Get 100 Paperback Books of May I Kiss You? for only $10.00 each!!

Powerful Curriculum & Instructor’s Guide

Instructor’s Guide = $297 (Regular Price: $397)

Get the Instructor’s Guide for utilizing with the students in your classrooms. In each chapter, discover interactive exercises, easy-to-use concepts, and pre-designed quizzes. You will have a trustworthy resource for challenging and improving your students’ understanding of healthy relationships and sexual decision-making.

Include 30 Books for the Classroom at less than $7 per book.

COMPLETE May I Kiss You? K12 Curriculum

30 “May I Kiss You?” Books + Instructor’s Guide = $497 ($747 Value)

Get the Instructor’s Guide plus 30 copies of the “May I Kiss You?” Paperback Book for utilizing with the students in your classrooms. Now you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to put the curriculum into action!

See the Special Packages for the Curriculum Here.


Voices of Courage

Voice of Courage Front Cover

Read 12 survivors of sexual assault’s powerful journeys OR listen to each survivor read his or her chapter directly to you (including 12 bonus interviews in the audio book). You get one of the most openly telling books ever written from the viewpoint of survivors. Each survivor takes you on a journey that will inspire you. In Voices of Courage, you will be reading and listening to a book that is changing lives around the world!  Learn More…

Paperback = $15 (Save Off Retail $16.97)

Book + 4 CD Audio Set= $27.95

E-book & Audio Book (26 audio tracks) for FREE

Get 100 Paperback Books of “Voices of Courage” for only $10 Each


Dating, Consent, & Respect Poster Series

2 for 1 SALE and Extra Large Sizes Available. Get HUGE quantity discounts!

1- 19 posters is $7.50 EACH  

20 – 49 posters is $5.25 EACH 

50 or more posters is $4.12 EACH 


…..Do you notice most of the messages addressing healthy dating, dating violence, bystander intervention, and sexual assault are about what not to do?

…..The Date Safe Project poster series teaches society the right way to treat partners. People walking by the images discover the importance of healthy relationships AND getting consent before anyone is intimately or sexually touching another person.

…..The posters are full of diversity and age-appropriate images (varying from middle school through college to mid-twenties). Details.


Click on Posters to Learn More!
WhatShouldWeDoNext_smallHangOn_smallSheAskedAndISaidYes_smallMayIKissYouTeen_smallPortrait of Teenaged Girls

Clothes: Shirts (Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve)


Have fun and start some great conversations with this truly original and fashionable T-shirt . These preshrunk, 100% cotton T-shirts are catching everyone’s attention.

Click on image for larger version.

Price = $15..

Have fun sporting this high quality, preshrunk, 100% cotton T-shirt perfect for everyone (gender neutral sizes)!

Click on image for larger version.

Price = $15..

Have fun sporting this high quality, preshrunk, 100% cotton T-shirt perfect for everyone (gender neutral sizes)!


Click on image for larger version.

Price = $15..

Top selling shirt with a GREAT message on the back emphasizing RESPECT and Asking First. Have yours sent out today (gender neutral sizes)!

Fun Extras

Custom Phone Cases (iPhone 5/5s)

Only $35 Each
For 21 or more = Call to Get Pricing
With this sharp and captivating iPhone case, friends will be asking you, “Where did you get that case?” and “What is DATE SAFE about?” Now you have an easy start to conversations that could help people for the rest of their lives.

“Ask First. Respect the Answer” Wristbands

Click on image for larger, full view.


100 = $57

500 = $227

1,000 = $347 (SAVE $110)

Would you love if more people wore a reminder to “Ask First” or to “Respect the Answer”? Now, you have an awesome reminder students and people of all ages LOVE WEARING. You’ll see all genders wearing the wristbands throughout the day and even when they go out for fun in the evening. Get your wristbands today.

“Can I Kiss You?” Buttons

Click on image for larger version.

200 Buttons = $117

600 Buttons = $257

1000 Buttons = $347 (SAVE BIG)

Buttons say, “Can I Kiss You?” with “Do You Ask?” listed below. Get everyone talking wearing FUN buttons!

Temporary Tattoos


200 = $25 or….

400 = $40

Bonus: 100 Buttons + 200 Tattoos = $132 (SAVE $10)

These catchy temporary tattoos are huge hits with students. Promote an important message with tattoos everyone loves wearing! Each tattoo is 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches — great for students to wear on their cheeks, hands, arms, and easily visible locations (and then wash right off)!

“Action” Pads

Click on image for larger version.
240 Pads to a Set = $125.00 or960 pads = $400.00 (SAVE $100)
The perfect everyday tool for reminding individuals about verbal consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors.
Says: “Be a Friend. Open Doors. Ask First.”

Gifts for Survivors

“Strong at the Broken Places” Sterling Cuff Bracelet

Click on image for larger version.



Handmade Bracelet = $79.97

Linda’s sterling silver cuff bracelet features a hand-stamped message that reads: “Strong at the Broken Places.” The inspirational phrase is an excerpt from Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms: “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.The words celebrate the strength of survivors and those who are agents of healing for them. The bracelet is hand-formed of sterling silver and individually stamped, making each a one-of-a-kind treasure. One size fits most wrists; the fit may be adjusted by gently squeezing together or pulling apart the ends.

**Portions of all profits from this jewelry are donated to organizations addressing sexual assault. Linda and her jewelry company, Divine Inspiration, are the creators of the jewelry and assume all liability for the jewelry.

100 PACK & Special Quantity Discounts

100 Pack

Voices of Couragecover_front copy_small_smallSchools love this special! By just ordering 100 or more total items, you get every item for only $10 each. You tell us how much you want of each item (Can I Kiss You? T-shirts, May I Kiss You? book, and Voices of Courage book) and then we ship it out to you for only eight dollars per item. Plus, the 100 Pack, provides all of the following added benefits and options:

  • Guarantee Amazing Attendance by Giving Away T-shirts & Books at Your Events!!
  • Books are Phenomenal Training Resource for Student Leaders, Staff, & Faculty.
  • T-shirts are Wonderful Promotional Item for Promoting Educational Events!
  • Books and T-shirts are Fantastic follow-up materials following Mike Domitrz’s “Can I Kiss You?” program.
  • Plus, you can raise funds by selling items at the event!

Save hundreds with this incredible package!!

Quantity Discounts

Whether you are building an educational community/school campaign or you are bringing Mike Domitrz to speak, your school or organization is entitled to great pricing and fantastic special offers on all our educational products — including both of the thought-provoking and powerful books (May I Kiss You? and Voices of Courage). Schools, campuses, parents, educators, and students use these dynamic books to help create new peer education programs; to produce powerful programming for student audiences; to utilize as training tools for RA’s on college campuses; and as a resource in their own personal lives.

By purchasing in quantity, you can receive over 50% OFF the price of the books and shirts!! In addition, Mike will be happy to personally sign every book before or after his presentation. Below are the quantity discounts Mike provides for books and T-shirts:

# of items May I Kiss You? Book Voices of Courage Book T-shirts
1-99 $15 $15 $15
100 – 10,000 Call to Order for HUGE DISCOUNTS Call to Order for HUGE DISCOUNTS Call to Order for HUGE DISCOUNTS

CALL (800) 329-9390 to Order Today

Specials Packages & Bundles

Awareness Pack= Save $57 

Click on image for larger version.BUY ALL for only $50 ($95 Value)

1 Voices of CourageBook

1 Voices of Courage 4 CD Set

1 May I Kiss You? Book

1 May I Kiss You? E-Book

1 White “Can I Kiss You?” T-shirt

40 “Can I Kiss You?” Buttons (1 Package = 40 buttons)

T-shirt Pack with Both Books = Save $5 

Click on image for larger version.BUY For only $39.90 ($45 Value)

1 Voices of Courage Book

1 May I Kiss You? Book

1 White “Can I Kiss You?” T-shirt

The Ultimate Teacher’s Pack = Save Over $300

Click on image for larger version.BUY for only $697 ($1,050 Value)



25 May I Kiss You? Paperback Books for classes.

1 Instructor’s Guide to May I Kiss You? Book.

Set of 17 “Do You Ask?” Posters. Post throughout school.

12 White “Can I Kiss You?” T-shirts to promote lessons through students.

200 “Can I Kiss You?” Tattoos to handout throughout the year.

1 Voices of Courage E-book for a fantastic resource for students who are survivors.

1 Voices of Courage Audio CD Set which is perfect for playing chapters to your classes.

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