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DVD for Parents of Preteens and Teenagers

In HELP! My Teen Is Dating: Real Solutions to Tough Conversations, you discover the following skills for better preparing your sons and daughters for healthy dating:

  1. How to start the talk and get your teen to listen.Help-3D
  2. Three questions that define if your teen should be dating.
  3. What to say to your teen’s date.
  4. The exact words for addressing intimacy.
  5. How to establish clear & reasonable boundaries.
  6. The power in Asking First.
  7. Discussing the dangers: from Alcohol to Sexual Assault.
  8. How to truly “Be There” for your child.
  9. Necessary tools to help your teenager make good choices.
  10. Essential tips to fun and safer dating for your son or daughter.

Includes 4 SPECIAL BONUS sections

  • The Internet and Keeping Your Teen Safe. Get some great insight on how to handle your teen’s use of the online world. You get more control!
  • Spirituality, Faith, & Dating. For families who’s faith is important, you will find this feature a great addition to the DVD. You find out how to incorporate religion appropriately into the discussion.
  • Sexual Choices Our Teens Face. Yes, your teens have more opportunities for sexual experiences than most of your generation did. What is common around the country? What is really going on. Find out here.
  • Access to Special Downloads. In addition to receiving the paperback books, you get e-book versions included on the DVD and several articles to download. Share them with family & friends.

YOUR HOST throughout the DVD is the Executive Director of The Date Safe Project, Mike Domitrz. He is brought in by educational institutions around the word each year to share with their students the powerful “How To” skills revealed throughout this DVD.

Included with the 85 minute DVD, you get 2 critically-acclaimed paperback books: May I Kiss You? A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, & Sexual Assault Awareness ($19.97 Value) and Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault ($16.97 Value) and the Digital Download of the DVD (a $24.99 value).


Purchase for $39.99 (normally $49.97)


Parenting is challenging at any age but parenting a teen is hardest of all. Mike Domitrz understands the tension between teens and their parents and even more critically, between teens and their peers.

Whether you have boys or girls, you will discover from Mike Domitrz (your host and Executive Director of The Date Safe Project) how to get your teenagers to have high standards, make good choices, and only date partners who give them total respectEvery parent needs to use Mike’s proven approach to making our teens safer on dates!
~ Linda Hugle, Principal of North Valley High School in Grants Pass, OR

When I received the DVD in the mail, I could not wait to watch it. I had read so many good reviews about the program. I watched the program with my mom and we both enjoyed it. The author and presenter of the program was so intuned with the teen population and what is happening in society now.  My mom was so impressed with the DVD, she is going to recommend it to the PTA at my school.
~Melissa Burmester,

As a mother of teens, HELP! My Teen Is Dating has proven to be a powerful tool which allowed me to begin a conversation on a sensitive topic without feeling awkward. After viewing the video with my daughter, I feel she now has the tools and insights to make healthier and safer choices. Plus, Mike Domitrz’s approach has helped remove many of my own fears.
~Laura Stockdale, Community Speakers Forum Coordinator and Parish Episcopal School Board of Trustees (Dallas, TX)

At last, a how-to kit for parents navigating the treacherous territory of teen dating. This DVD will give you the confidence, skills, and information to truly engage your child in a dialogue about the important issues teens face in these relationships.
~ Carolyn Pukl, Health Educator at Lakeland Regional High School (NJ)

Mike Domitrz offers more than practical advice for parents. Throughout, Mike actually demonstrates the tools for talking with your teen about these issues.
~Rob Rephan, Rape Prevention Education Coordinator (CA)

The DVD answers a lot of questions parents have about how far to “get involved,” how to get teenagers to trust parents, and knowing when to trust your child.
~ Nicole Saavedra, Youth Services Coordinator for East Granby (CT)

I found myself laughing, answering the questions, and nodding my head in agreement with the audience. We’ve all been told to ‘keep the lines of communication open’ with our sons and daughters, but nobody ever tells us how to do that. As a parent and educator, I guarantee that this video will give you the tools to talk to your teen about feelings and issues you thought were impossible to discuss.
~ Cheryl Einsweiler, Parent and Community Resources/Educator

Note from Your Host, Mike Domitrz

Thanks for visiting us here at The Date Safe Project. Helping teenagers make the safest and smartest choices regarding dating, respect, relationships, boundaries, intimacy, sexual activity, and intervening with friends in dangerous situations is a mission we take seriously each and every day.  As the brother of a sexual assault survivor, I’ve seen first hand the trauma sexual violence can cause a family.  No one should have to experience such pain.

We make it our task here at The Date Safe Project to help individuals and families lower the incidents of sexual assault while teaching how to build the healthiest relationships through strong dating skills and tools.  For this reason, we worked relentlessly on creating the DVD and book set that would provide you with the most complete and risk-free resource available for parents of teenagers. 

Purchase for 50% OFF = $24.97 (normally $49.97).

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