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Talking to Daughter or Son about Dating & Sex (Video)

How do you share openly and honestly about sexual intimacy without giving your child too much information?  Understandably, parents fear giving too much information and thus creating a catalyst for your child to want to engage in sexual activity.

How do you find the right approach without making sex sound bad or too attractive?  Discover in the video below HOW to avoid the conversation going badly. In fact, you will learn an approach for making YOU THE EXPERT. You child will want to turn to you for questions (instead of their peers who can misguide them)!

When you finish the video below, SHARE with us in the “Speak Your Mind ” section below. I promise to PERSONALLY respond to each person.

~Mike Domitrz
Founder of The Date Safe Project, Inc.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Each of the following videos refers to talking with “Teenagers.” Remember if you are a parent of a child younger than 13 years old, the videos give you a fantastic opportunity to prepare your child at an even younger age.


Please post any comments or questions below in the “Speak Your Mind” section.
I will PERSONALLY respond to each comment you leave on this page!! Lets have fun taking this journey.

  • Venus

    Great information! Just a slight bit of how I approach my teens about this topic will hopefully make a big different. You mentioned a few things that made me realize I was lecturing instead of listening and understanding. I will try a different approach where it becomes more listening and laughter then lecture and tension. Thanks!

    • admin

      Thank you for sharing, Venus. As parents, avoiding “lecturing” is sooo important and yet hard to catch all the time.

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