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logo-main-date-safe-projectThe Pledge for Action is a powerful agreement students, families, military members, educators, and individuals sign to pledge that they will do their best to help their family, friends and peers in potentially dangerous moments concerning alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault.

How it works? First, read the pledge below. After reading the pledge, you will find instructions for signing the Pledge online right now AND for how to use the Pledge in your community and/or school.


I, ____________________________________________, pledge to do my best to help my family, friends, and peers in potentially dangerous situations in which drugs, alcohol, a violent person, or other threats to their safety and well-being are present. I will do this by having the focus and self-control necessary to remain aware of my surroundings, the wisdom to identify dangerous situations, and the courage to take action in confronting my friends when their judgment is impaired.

I recognize that these dangerous situations may arise at times when people feel safe and comfortable, such as at bars, parties (especially when alcohol is influencing the situation and a person is trying to “hook up” with another individual), or in the context of a romantic relationship. I realize that it may not always be easy to help people from harm in these situations, but by remaining watchful and showing care and concern, I may help to prevent a sexual assault from occurring.

I understand that the ONLY person responsible for a sexual assault is the person who engages in sexual contact without the consent of the other person. Through my own positive words, actions, and beliefs, I am taking the responsibility of helping to end sexual assault. I will share with people the importance of consent and the need to obtain consent with your partner by Asking First. I will treat all survivors of sexual assault with my respect and admiration. I will inform all of my family, friends, and peers that “If anyone ever has or ever does sexually touch you without your consent, I will fully support you. I will always be here for you. Always (from simply listening to helping you seek the proper support from professionals)!” During the next 24 hours, I will start putting this pledge into action by saying these words to at least 3 people.

Sexual assault is a horrific and traumatic crime. My active commitment to this project will help reduce the violence in my community and create a safer atmosphere for everyone.

How do you use the Pledge for Action?    Start by signing the pledge online right now (scroll down to see the online pledge). Below where it reads “SIGN THE PLEDGE ONLINE,” fill out the blank boxes and click on “Sign the Petition.”  You will be forwarded to a page confirming you signed the pledge.  Plus, you will instantly receive an email which has a link YOU MUST click on – this link confirms YOU are the person signing the Pledge (avoids SPAM and misuse).   Your name is not able to be added to the Pledge until you click on the link in the email. Once you complete this process, you will be able to return to this page and see your name added to the list!

For use in your community and/or school, each individual signs two copies of the agreement which you can download with the link provided below.  The first page of the download is the complete pledge which is given to each individual to take home and the second  page is a condensed version with The Date Safe Project, Inc. heart.  Have everyone SIGN across the heart and leave that smaller version with you.  Then at a later date, post all the signed hearts in specific locations around school and/or in your community.  By placing all the signed hearts around school and in town, students and the entire community will realize how many people DO care about this issue and are committed to helping others!

DOWNLOAD the 2 page PLEDGE FOR ACTIONRM to utilize in your community!

SIGN THE PLEDGE ONLINE by leaving a comment below.

  • David W Edwards

    I pledge to protect everyone, everywhere, all the time. Especially the young ones, who can be helpless in situations like that.

  • solay

    Also, I believe the pledge should include the following:
    it is not enough to support the survivor. We must seek support for
    the perpetrator’s psychological assessment and rehabilitation. Such
    people often have inflated self-esteem, no self- control, lack of
    self-love, and no appreciation of the other person’s feelings, or
    gratitude for anything. The person will re-offend if not counselled
    to become conscious of their invasion of another’s welfare.

  • Lloyd Moore

    I pledge to always keep my eyes open and do what I can to help with anyone being abused. I grew up watching my mother get physically abused on a regular basis. I was always afraid of getting caught up in that cycle. I am very proud to say I have never hit my wife of twenty years and am more then willing to do anything I can to help others in a abusive relationship.

    • The DATE SAFE Project

      Thank you for sharing Lloyd and for your commitment to make a positive impact.

  • Linda Lowry

    I pledge to be there for every presented patient and their family and friends. I also pledge to continue presenting educational information into our area schools and college, along with any and all community events that request our presence. I will also pledge to listen, be non judging, and always believe, compassionate and caring to every man, women or child that presents themselves to me.

  • Andrew Thomas

    I pledge to be there for my friends and family

  • Fucking Bitches

    fgts, no abstinence for me 8====D~~~~~(@)Y(@)

  • Emily

    I pledge to stay true to my boyfriend of a year and beyond


    I pledge to stand up for the sanctity of women.

  • Shari Olson

    I am a date rape baby, I am a survivor of SA/DV. This has affected most of the women in my family, sometimes to the point of destruction. It affects the men in our lives who stand by and support us because we cannot ever fully trust them.

    • Mike Domitrz

      Thank you for sharing!

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  • Shannon Brooks

    I hope that everyone can see those survivors of sexual assult/rape or any other type of violation to one’s body (sexual abuse/molestation, ect.) is able to see just how strong of an individual that person is. It takes an exceptional being to be able to move BEYOND such a traumatic experience and to not let it define them, but to build them as a person. Survivors are some of the most incredible people anyone will know. Let us be recognized for our ability to remove the lable of “victim” from ourselves, and instead be refered to as Survivors.
    For anyone who has become victimized in any sort of way regarding violation to your body- I applaud you for not defining yourself as a victim…fore you are a much greater person… You are a survivor, a living testimony for others. :)

    • Michele T

      You are so right:)) Thanks for sharing…I AM a survivor!!

      • Mike Domitrz

        Thank YOU for sharing and for your strength!

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