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Tweens are dating while some parents and educators are often sleeping.

Many parents and educators make the mistake of thinking education on dating starts when a child turns 13 years of age. The reality is many males and females are engaging in sexual conversations and acts during their tween years (some even younger). What’s a tween? Typically people consider children 11 and 12 years old to be tweens. They are in middle school, but not teenagers yet.

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Kids online activities and Parent Monitoring

How many hours a month do you think your kids are online? On average, most kids are spending 20 hours online. Most kids between the ages of 13 – 17 believe their parents have no clue as to what their activities are online. Here’s what they do, where they go, who they meet:

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Tea Party With Moms and Sexually Active Teen Daughters

Parents involved in their children’s lives encourage kids to walk the right path. Creating a bond with your child and understanding their world opens lines of communication. Once those lines are open, it’s easier for your kids to feel they can approach you about the challenges and questions most teenagers will never talk to their parents about.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Signs Being Torn Down at Princeton

SpeakOut is a simple posting found in bathroom stalls all over Princeton’s campus. SpeakOut is thought provoking and raises awareness about sexual harassment and assault. Unfortunately, their signs are disappearing. Why? The people who make up the SpeakOut group believe it is a form a protest.

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Glamorizing Porn at Yale

I am saddended to see their voices are not even being given a chance to be expressed on their own campus. This event is not a knock on Yale University. This program

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