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“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.” ~Ben Stein

With a new semester getting started or about to start in schools and universities, what have you DECIDED you really want for this year? What are you going to do to make that happen?

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Teenagers effected by parents’ stress

Is your family dealing with more stress than usual (unemployed parent, stress at work, tight family budget, etc…)? How is your stress being passed down to your teenagers? A recent Las Vegas Sun newspaper report titled

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Mike Domitrz and His Story

Why does Mike Domitrz, the Founder of The Date Safe Project, Inc., have such an intense passion and drive to: * Dramatically improve society’s approach

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Pakistan and Women’s Rights . . . and the US

At the center of all our work is each person having equal rights in all existence. If one believes a partner is not an equal, the one is more likely to disregard their rights to consent, choice, respect, and dignity.

Join us in signing the following pledge for equality:

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Haiti

Yesterday was our country’s day to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and his efforts to create change. The power of honoring Martin Luther King Jr. as we see the destruction in Haiti is important. In King’s spirit, do we care enough for others to speak out and create long-lasting change (in addition to the money we donate)? What have you learned about

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Modernized Sex Education Videos

In a recent article discussing sex education videos for schools in Fenton, MI, the reporter refers to Modernized Sex Ed. This concept of modernizing sex ed is often considered controversial when it should be an automatic process. Times change. The world students live in and what they are exposed to changes. Thus, the education must adjust appropriately or become ineffective.

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Extra Workshops for Students, Staff, Parents, and Community Leaders

When you bring Mike Domitrz and the “Can I Kiss You?” program to your schools, you get multiple presentations (time permitting). Have Mike present a general assembly for the entire school AND have Mike conduct his customized “Train the Trainer” sessions and presentations for select audiences (Student Leaders, Peer Educators, Staff & Administration, and others). Plus, more and more schools are asking for his “Talk Back” workshop.

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