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GREAT example of writing to draw intrigue

One of the best articles I’ve seen a person write about getting students and parents to want to attend a program addressing sexual assault was sent to me today. Read the article below and then share here what the writer did WELL. How do you share? “Leave a Comment” on this post. Here is the article:

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Featured Survivor

Featured Survivor: Lynn Tolson

Involvements/Organizations Co-Founder: Finding Our Voices: Healing Art Activities for Survivors of Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

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The General Assembly Parents LOVE to bring to their schools!

When it comes to middle schools and high schools teaching teenagers vital skills for decision-making regarding teen dating, intimacy, sex, abstinence, and sensitive issues, MANY school systems are concerned for how their parents will react to various educational plans and approaches.

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Halifax Brings Powerful Statement

Speaking in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) tonight for Dalhousie University was an unique opportunity this evening. Half of the audience was parents and their teenagers – with the remaining half being college/university students. As I noticed this diversity of audience members prior to starting, I had to make a decision: WHO do I focus this presentation on and for? The answer is BOTH. I combined the “Can I Kiss You?” program with the “HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations” presentation.

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Ah the power of a Birthday

Ah, the age old celebration of a birthday. Recently, I had one of those landmark birthdays people often celebrate or dread in a big way. Looking back over the few days surrounding the birthday, the interesting part was people’s reactions. In one group of parents, I was clearly one of the youngest people in the room.

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Towson University made me say, “WOW!” throughout the day today. The students desire and passion to create positive change was obvious from the start of our “Train the Trainer” session with the RAs (Resident Assistants) and the Peer Educators on campus. Everyone asked great questions and dived deeply into the discussion. You could tell this group of student LEADERS was going to help bring a large audience out to the evening “Can I Kiss You?” show.

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