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Progressive Insurance PULLS AD with sexual reference!

Recently, Progressive Insurance launched a new national TV commercial where their main character, Flo, refers to riding the Pink Pony. Upon our contacting them to inform them of this pornographic sexual reference, they responded quickly and in a very positive action. We give them KUDOs for taking decisive, positive steps to correct the situation. Here is their response:

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Parents of Teens AND My Friends discuss dating, sex, and intimacy

Last night, I had the honor of speaking at my childrens’ school to 8th graders and their parents. Entertainers and speakers will tell you the toughest audience is the one you know best (family and friends). We were blessed to have a strong turnout and some great insight shared. One Dad stated, “Tonight, I realized I need to talk with my high school student about the situations I don’t think he will find himself (just in case he does).” Another parent stated, “I always thought I had an open line of communication with my kids. Then tonight I discovered how I need to really open up about issues like rape and sexual assault – so my kids KNOW they can come to me.” What do you need to open up with your children about?

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Alturas, CA and TEACH, Inc Draw Over 200!!!

In a community where the high school has around 275 students, 200 PEOPLE attended the evening “Can I Kiss You?” show in their community last night. 80% of the room was filled with high school students. How did they draw such a fantastic audience?

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High school students address dating and asking first with intimacy

Students at Washburn High School in Washburn, WI did a GREAT job making the commitment to create positive change. From middle school through the high school, they realized the importance of “Asking First,” “Being a Friend,” and “Opening a Door.”

Watch their videos below AND LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST! I will personally respond to each comment.

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