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True Blood has horrific violent sex scene

On the June 27th episode of HBO’s “True Blood” TV series, the ending sexual scene was extremely violent. The character “Bill” twists the female vampires head and neck around as he is forcibly penetrating her. Making the scene equally concerning for many people was the fact the female vampire was smiling throughout the intense scene – while Bill’s character was clearly acting out in VENGEANCE against her.

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Chris Brown Performance on BET Awards

Since Chris Brown’s performance on the BET Awards last night, many fans, critics, and the media are talking about whether Chris Brown has learned from the violence he assaulted Rihanna with previously. NO ONE can know that answer! Yes, no one – not even Chris Brown.

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Parenting Unplugged – Listen In

Parenting Unplugged just had Mike Domitrz, the Executive Director of The Date Safe Project Inc, on their show to reveal unique and helpful strategies for parents of tweens and teens. Listen to the thought-provoking interview below. You will get lots of great ideas you will want to implement immediately with your family. If you are a teacher, you will find the tips helpful for when school starts back up in the Fall.

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What is the TREASURE you seek?

When trying to reduce sexual violence, create a healthier understanding of intimacy, inspire bystander intervention, and support survivors, what is the TREASURE you seek? What is the goal you are pursuing? The goal YOU have control over achieving and will sacrifice to do so?

Share in the “COMMENTS” section below and let each of us inspire one another!

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Single, Married, Parents, and Schools

Family life has one of the biggest influences on the men and women in our military. Providing useful and insightful resources which can give our military members with teenagers real solutions to challenges in their home leads to more focused & well-rounded military members.

More and more military installations are having The Date Safe Project, Inc and Mike Domitrz to provide an educational package which is truly all inclusive. The military gets fantastic training, teens of our military members get a whole new approach to decision-making, and their parents gain simple skills to reinforcing positive choices back in the home. For installations who want to provide their men and women the ultimate experience and growth opportunity, they will often do at least the following:

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Listen LIVE to Mike Domitrz

Tuesday, June 22nd, Mike Domitrz will be the featured guest on Parenting Unplugged Radio at at 1pm (Central Time Zone or 11am West Coast Time Zone). You can listen live from the website. Mike will share strategies for talking to your tweens and teens about dating, intimacy, and decision-making. Join this insightful, revealing, and powerful 30 minutes of MUST HEAR content!

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Share YOUR “favorite teacher” story

How many “story” or “chain emails” do you receive each day? You know the email filled with great life lessons. Have you received so many over the years that you’ve stopped reading them? Is your day too busy to read “those” emails anymore?

If your day is “too busy,” maybe you need to take a moment to read those emails. Find a smile or a moment of reflection at LEAST once a day. Below is a classic email shared around the internet.

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