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WORLD PREMIER of “Can I Kiss You?” Song

YES, the WORLD PREMIERE of the “Can I Kiss You?” song by Jordan Broghammer and Tyler Archey. After recently attending the “Can I Kiss You?” program on their campus, they emailed me sharing how they wrote and recorded the following song. To hear the song, click on the link below. To download the song, RIGHT click on the link below and choose “Download Linked File.”

Please share this song with everyone you know. Tell people on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, via Text, and even using YouTube.

Can I Kiss You? by Jordan Broghammer and Tyler Archey

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Western Rocks Rez Rally!!

Each year, the University of Western Ontario throws one of the best opening day for students. From 9am til late night, the day is packed – full of learning AND fun. I am honored to be a part of this annual celebration/learning event called the REZ RALLY! Becca Carroll and her entire team do a FANTASTIC job running O Week and at being incredible hosts to guests on their campus such as myself.

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College Students ARE Taking Action

In the past 3 weeks of our Fall “Can I Kiss You?” Tour, we have had a record number of audiences choose to make videos for YouTube on Asking First. Depending on the campus culture, their statements are ranging from “XYZ University Asks First” to “XYZ University, we ASK for sex.” NOTE: The university officials in attendance ALWAYS have the final say on what we film for representing their campus. Here are 2 quick examples:

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Timing IS everything

How often does the following happen to you? You’ve just got home from work. You’re exhausted from the day. Upon you entering your home, your

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