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REACTION to “Law & Order: SVU” titled “Grey”

This post is a reaction to tonight’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU” based on a college campus (further down on our blog page is the original post about the episode which we posted BEFORE the show aired). Now, is the time to react to the actual episode where several concerns arose. Consider all of the following:

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WRONG 3 words for sexual activity and getting permission

In today’s episode of DSP TV, discover the WRONG 3 words to rely for obtaining consent in sexual activity. Many middle school, high school, and college students rely on these 3 words when engaging in sexual intimacy and/or hooking up. What 3 words are we referring to? Watch the show below AND share your thoughts in our COMMENTS section below. I will personally respond to each comment.

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NBC’s Law & Order “SVU” and Grey Rape Discussion

Today’s Moment video discusses an upcoming NBC episode of “Law & Order: SVU” titled “Grey.” The term “grey rape” results in misconceptions on the role of alcohol in a sexual assault. In the episode on NBC with co-stars Christine Lahti and Mariska Hargitay, the case involves a college campus and students drinking.

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Boycott Amazon and the “Pedophile’s Guide”

As of Wednesday, Nov 10th, Amazon is allowing the sale of a book which is meant to “help” pedophiles NOT get caught (part of the book’s title is “Pedophile’s Guide” (read more at MSNBC). Amazing is AWARE of the book and doing nothing to remove it from its shelves – citing 1st Amendment rights. Yes, the author has the legal right to publish the book. You, Amazon, have the legal right NOT TO SELL the book. This has NOTHING to do with 1st Amendment rights. Many companies exercise Corporate Ethics each and every day. Amazon show you have ethical standards and remove this book immediately.

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Discussion on alcohol and sexual assault

Was informed today my response to the question, “How can the link between alcohol and sexual violence be best taught to students?” has been posted on Outside The Classroom’s website:!

Join the conversation and share your thoughts!

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