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“American Teen” Movie Night

FaceBook MOVIE NIGHT (or day)! Who would like to watch the new movie “American Teen” with me LIVE and talk via FaceBook about the movie (watch preview)? Say, “YES” and let me know which day of the week and time works best for you.

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Perrish Cox sexual assault case and how the NFL reacts

Have you heard about the recent Perrish Cox sexual assault case? He is an NFL player with the Denver Broncos who has been CHARGED with felony sexual assault. The criminal report occurred on October 28th and charges were recently brought forward against him.

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Guest Bloggers WANTED!

Would you like to be a guest blogger here at The Date Safe Project, Inc? If so, click on our “Contact Us” section and send us a message with WHY you would like to be a guest blogger, what you would like to guest blog about, and your background. We are looking forward to sharing more individuals’ and organizations’ viewpoints alongside our own.

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