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Molloy College

This morning was waking up at 4am – catching a flight to JFK in NYC and then driving to Molloy College for a 9:30am presentation.

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Person of the WEEK

The Date Safe Project’s first PERSON of the WEEK is Cheri, a strong and courageous sexual assault survivor who inspired me to begin speaking out against sexual assault / rape and would go on to inspire the founding of

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Welcome to 2009 Blog

The Date Safe Project blog is a CONVERSATION and so please engage and SHARE with everyone here by utilizing the “Comments” after each post. You will find posts for parents, educators, students, and caring individuals/organizations.

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Sexual Assault Awareness Signs Being Torn Down at Princeton

SpeakOut is a simple posting found in bathroom stalls all over Princeton’s campus. SpeakOut is thought provoking and raises awareness about sexual harassment and assault. Unfortunately, their signs are disappearing. Why? The people who make up the SpeakOut group believe it is a form a protest.

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