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Mike Domitrz

His Story & Mission Award-Winning Author & Publisher Educator, Ally, and Expert His Story and Mission: Why does Mike Domitrz, Founder of The Date Safe Project,

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Thank you!

By sharing your votes today, you have impacted the the choices being made for creating 4 new posters on Teen Dating & Teen Relationships to

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Get Voices of Courage for FREE!!

Download all 26 audio tracks (including 12 chapters PLUS 12 special interviews) AND get the full ebook of Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault – ALL FOR FREE!!

Read the 12 survivors of sexual assault’s powerful chapters in the E-Book and then listen to each survivor read his or her chapter directly to you in the Audio Book. Plus, you get to hear personal interviews of each survivor. More importantly, you will be reading a book and listening to CDs that will change many lives.

To download the critically-acclaimed E-book and Audio Book, click here. Want to learn more about the book? Click here to discover the resource professionals, educators, survivors, and agencies around the world turn to each day.

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Thanks for making an IMPACT

By sharing your votes today, you have impacted the final selection of the “Want Some Action?” T-shirt.  THANK YOU!! On August 9th, names will be

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Single, Married, Parents, and Schools

Family life has one of the biggest influences on the men and women in our military. Providing useful and insightful resources which can give our military members with teenagers real solutions to challenges in their home leads to more focused & well-rounded military members.

More and more military installations are having The Date Safe Project, Inc and Mike Domitrz to provide an educational package which is truly all inclusive. The military gets fantastic training, teens of our military members get a whole new approach to decision-making, and their parents gain simple skills to reinforcing positive choices back in the home. For installations who want to provide their men and women the ultimate experience and growth opportunity, they will often do at least the following:

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The General Assembly Parents LOVE to bring to their schools!

When it comes to middle schools and high schools teaching teenagers vital skills for decision-making regarding teen dating, intimacy, sex, abstinence, and sensitive issues, MANY school systems are concerned for how their parents will react to various educational plans and approaches.

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