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Every week, new films and songs are released around the globe.  Throughout the year, TV shows are launched.  24 hours, 7 days a week, you can turn to “Breaking News” on one of the many “news dedicated” cable channels.  With all of these mediums constantly changing, how can you stay up-to-date or know how to hold conversations about the shows everyone is talking about?  Good news!  Now, you have a source to turn to for fun, thought-provoking, and helpful reviews.

Here, you will find reviews from students, educators, and experts.  Each review will provide you with an unique perspective relating to how the media and/or entertainment outlet’s production effects society’s views of dating, sex, intimacy, relationships, violence, consent, and sexual assault.

Be a Reviewer.  The names of reviewers here at The Date Safe Project, Inc. can be kept anonymous or you can create a following as a DSP Critic (Date Safe Project Critic).  To send us a review of ANY medium, click on “Leave a Comment” on this page OR send an e-mail to

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